Pushing harder.

This year I've set a goal to do Race for the Cure.

So far... I haven't been doing very well working out.

Saturday I did.
But haven't since.

So anytime you talk to me:
Make sure I'm doing it.

Tomorrow I plan to ride my bike in the freezing cold to work.

I will go to Harmon's on my break... also on my bike... and get fruit for lunch.

I have such a desire to be able to run but I'm just no good at it

So I am starting with biking... get more in shape... then run more.


Race for the Cure - http://karimasonfund.org/pdf/wasatch_woman.pdf
Kari was my Sunday school teacher and I loved her. She was amazing!

Walk for Autism -
Ian.. and his amazing mom Angi. She is so good taking care of him, even in all the challenges of the world.
My class. Working with these students every day I wish I could just be able to help them.
Maybe someday we'll understand more for them.

I took for granted everything I had as a child.
I watch The Biggest Loser ever Tuesday and just wonder how people get to be like that.
Pure laziness. Like me.
I was America's Next Top Model the next night and realize I don't need to look like them... but wish I could find my own little beauty.
I will work out, be healthy, but not super stick thin with an eating disorder.
I enjoy food WAY too much for that.

So here it goes.

By May
I will be


Mason Family Blog :) said...

Good for you!! You should run the 5k with me on the fourth of July in the morning!!!

Sydney said...

You're amazing!
I'm totally volunteering at the walk for autism! I did it last year and had a blast!
So I'll see you there?
:D I sure hope so!