Kelly Clarkson Concert 6.12.09

(Below) the reason I'm glad I don't call myself a Mason
Once upon a time there were four girls who decided they wanted to go to a Kelly Clarkson concert at UVU: Alicia [my cousin], Katrina, Jessica [Rob's sister], & Brylie [me].

They picked up dinner at Cafe Rio. Of course, the two cousins who don't eat anything [pickiest eaters in the world] ate just a cheese quesadilla.
They ate on the way because it was simple. When they arrived at UVU the line was massive so they waited in line while Katrina & Jessica ate their salads. While the other two were practically inside, they had to run to the front.

Once inside, they found Alicia's parents, Debbie & Tracy [my Aunt & Uncle].
They sat on a blanket with them and waited for the show to begin.

"Utah's Got Talent" showed their finalists and they announced the winners. Then came Kelly.

It was so much fun and they all danced around and sang with their microphones [fist with thumbs sticking out].

Afterwards, they waited for what seemed like hours trying to get out of the parking lot. Instead of fighting it, they waited patiently and just talked.

They then headed over to IHOP for some desserts.


What a great night! I love going out with girls and making fools of ourselves... lets do it again sometime :)

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The Mowers said...

Fo shizzle my cizzle!!! (For Sure Awesome Cousin!)