I know.. I know..
I'm behind .......again.

This time, I actually have an excuse!
I was waiting for my mom to upload her photos onto the computer.
But I guess we'll just have to try without and add them at a later time.

(The few pictures I do have, are from my own camera... taken by Allex)

I'm sorry.

[[note: this all takes place on Sunday, June 21.]]

Once upon a time, a sleepy girl woke up to a phone call from a very important man in her life.

He called to tell her Happy Birthday!
It was a fabulous way to wake up. :)

The sleepy girl, after talking to him for a while, then decided to get up and get ready.

Then her family was so excited to open presents... so they did.

[side story- in the past, I normally don't get much, mostly money to buy stuff myself. My parents never know what to get me. So this year was my big year of gifts... plus my graduation present added]

The first present was a shirt. If you look throughout the pictures, you will notice my new skirt from Jessica. My mom had seen this wonderfully beautiful, screaming "brylie" skirt from her, and bought me a shirt to match. My second present was a new LCD TV! I was so excited. If you could only see my plastic piece of crap TV.
Then came a new DVD player! We actually ended up taking that one back, and getting a new beautiful one. It is a match made in heaven.

After presents I went to nursery and we played all day.
Immediately after church, I headed over to Robert's house.

The night before Rob actually gave me his presents... but I don't want to post a whole blog for it.

That really is just a picture I found online.. no one had a picture of the actually blanket.

Let me tell you a story about this Falcons blanket.
He has the same one on his bed and I love it. He sleeps with it every night... and when I'm cold I take it while watching a movie, Xbox, or TV over there.
So he went and bought me the exact same one so I can sleep with it at night... just like he is.

Cute story, huh?

Anyways, he also bought me a new Ipod thing for my car since mine was completely shot and I was so sick of it.

Anyways, we just played with his nephews at his house for a while and then headed to my house for dinner. Enchiladas :) yummy!

Then he helped me set up my TV because I was completely clueless and it took both him and my dad a couple hours.

Once it was up and running he made sure all the settings were good so it looked HD and the colors were perfect.

[missing pictures.. due to mom]

We then had "cake".. or mousse pie from Brick Oven.

... another funny side story, my parents bought it the night before, and it was their last pie.... BUT they had already sold a piece, so I had a pie minus a piece.

Then we played the Wii!
It was so much fun.
First, we played Guitar Hero for a little while.

The last time I played with him he was between hard and expert, and I was stuck on easy.

But I beat his butt at every single song!

Then we played Wii Sports and we split the winnings half and half.

After all the excitement at my house, we headed back to his house where it was quieter and Kyson wouldn't constantly be trying to hang out with him and watched a movie.

It was a wonderful day

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Brady and Madi said...

Hey we have that same tv! Well not the same exact one but the same brand :) twins!!