Kiddos and Freedom!

To inform you all.... since my last post about my Palmer cousins, they have moved out!

It was getting too crazy for my whole family.

Lies after lies, story after story, disrespect and such.

So my parents told the state that it was too much for our family and they are gone. They're currently living with they're grandma (dad's mom). She doesn't have work or other kids to take care of. She also has a bedroom for each of them. Also, because she is a grandma, and not a random aunt, they listen to her better.

I'm just glad they're gone and the house has been more peaceful.

I do feel like though, there are more fights between siblings. Maybe before we were just too distracted by hating every day that we bonded more.

Oh well... they're gone and we're free!

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

Yeah! I am glad things are going better now!