LaserTag Adventures!

So yesterday was so exciting!

Work went by so quickly since it was early out day...
We didn't have much to do, but I still loved it.

At the end of the day a boy wasn't picked up yet because they forgot it was early out day. I waited with him since Mrs. M/Kelli had a meeting.

His dad is a creepy guy and I was scared to even call him.
Seeing him was weird.
Then I texted Amber!

I came home, changed, then headed straight there

Amber's mom was buying a microwave for her sister who is moved out and they don't really have a reliable car.. and we wanted to go
So I was the taxi driver!

We played at K Mart. I should definitely go there more.

After we took it over to her sister's and got Taco Bell for me.

(During this time I peed about 14 times.)

We got back to Amber's and I peed again and we watched Ellen.
Best. Show.Ever.

(In fact.. I'm watching it right now as I type to you!)

After Ellen we convinced Tiffani and Hailey to come laser tagging with us.

The initial idea was mini golfing but I said I would much rather go laser tagging since I CANNOT golf for the life of me.

We finally got there I had to pee... with the girl's bathroom HIGHLY unusable I went in the boys.

When we got back out we got stuck with a huge group who wouldn't listen or shut up or cooperate at all.

Finally, we got in.. Me and Amber the red team.. with a million other people.
Tiffani and Hailey on the green.. with their share of dumb people.

I basically dominated.

I found ths perfect spot where I could barely see out of.. but could still aim
But it was a little hole so they couldn't hit me!
Amber and some other girl on my team were hitting the green team around the corners protecting me so good.

Guess who got third out of fifteen?

Guess who got last?
Amber :) hahahaha

We then went back to her house and talked for a while and finally because I was falling asleep I went home.

Guess what Amber did when I went home?

To read Amber's first blog ever... with her own version of this story:
Click Here

She's my hero now for blogging with me.


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