Family Day

Me and My mom
Allex and my mom laying out
Kyson and Sean
Paige, me, and Allex
Haylie and Kacee going to take a nap
Allex (far away), Paige, and I laying out
Me... Allex and Paige

With the passing of my uncle, my family took his kids and went swimming at Kacee's pool on Monday.

Paige (14), Sean (11), and Haylie (5) are such troopers.

It was one of the only times we get most of the family all together.

We were only missing from my family Rikkell and my dad.

I had a lot of fun and even did laps in the tiny pool.

After playing in the pool for a while, we all layed out together.

Not that I got much sun, but it felt good

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