total frustration.

Today in school, we covered 3 sections...
usually its two but they were easy sections so we hurried through them.

I understand what I'm doing with the work.. but he assigned a million and a half story problems that I am so lost with.

I got home at 12.
Its now coming on 3 o'clock and I barely am starting the third assignment.

To add to it, Sean was playing guitar hero... Kyson and Haylie were eating at the table... and my mom decides its 20 questions time.

So finally I locked myself in the computer room to do the work... after I got everyone out.

My mom just came knocking on the door telling me she's leaving and Haylie is asleep.

I said okay and she screams for me to SHHHHH! How was I supposed to know she was asleep in my mom's bed and not in her usual place?

So then I said "Well if you would have told me, I would have known."

And then she got mad at me... again. Even though I'm balancing my homework and watching Haylie for her so she can leave.

She's been getting on every one's nerves lately.

We can't voice our opinions without getting scolded. I can't do anything right.

I take Pluto to get a haircut.... something that's been needing to be done for probably 6 months and she hasn't done it.

But when she wants to leave and I have to go pick him up I'm just thinking about myself.

I'm so frustrated with her right now plus this three hours of homework that will most likely turn into 5.


So I'm blogging instead.

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