Meet the Palmers

Paige, Sean, and Haylie are here to stay.. at least for now. We are the legal guardians and have loved having them.

Since we have them here... and I could possibly mention them... you might as well know a little bit about them :)

(the pictures are from our camping trip last September with the Muhlestein family.)

Paige is an energetic 14 year old. I never really knew her that well before all this happened. I've loved getting to know her. She's a lot of fun. She likes to clean... which is good for me since I can't stand a mess! She's a sweetheart. She absolutely loves green and doesn't ask for much... :)
Sean is a sweet 11, almost 12, year old. He is so helpful and very thoughtful of others. He likes to wrestle and loves to play the computer with Kyson. He is definitely a grown up version of the little Sean I thought he was.
Haylie is an attention loving, cereal without milk eating, "I want Michelle" girl. She's 5 years old and loves to tell stories. She is a lot of fun... but once you get started on something she doesn't stop.... but its super cute :)

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