school update

I know you all don't really care about my life in college... as all of you are probably also in school.

But its all I'm doing lately.. besides hanging out with the Masons :)

This is my first week and it was going good.. the homework was easy, but took its time.

I go to math in the mornings, come home mid afternoon and do my homework, and finish up around two.

Then I usually like to crash and just watch TV or a movie to get it all out of my system.

I even got nine/ten on my quiz.

Its not too bad since I only have the one class.

Then today was the test.


For the most part I did okay, but there were a couple of problems I kept going back to.

I couldn't figure them out. It wasn't like I didn't know how to do the work.. the problems were just bizarre.

So finally I finished and now I'm home trying to decide what to do...... as I did NOT enjoy going today at all.

Other than tests I'm really liking being in school again and wish I wouldn't have put it off for so long.

AND only a month and a half left until I get to go back to work :)

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