3:00 in the AM

Sleep has become a terrible habit for me.
I need to break this cycle of going to bed late, and waking up REALLY late.

Work is going to be hard.

But here it is, I've been sleepy since 9:00 PM and its now 3.
Makes no sense to me.

So instead I've been getting prepped for school.
Its not til May 6th though.
I'm going insane.

I received my OFFICIAL acceptance letter, did the online orientation, emailed my advisors, emailed my High School Counselor to get my transcript.
And now I wait.

I have to get cleared to be able to register first..
And my advisors will help me make sure I'm taking the right classes to be able to major in Elementary Education since they don't have a Special Education program at UVU yet.
So, if all elese fails.. I move to BYU when I'm ready to get the other courses out of the way.

Maybe I'll want to just stay normal education, or have a double major.

My life is finally taking shape.

And I'm scared to death.
And sleepless.

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