angry. frustrated. depressed.

these are the words that describe
how hurt I am that no one even is around

I blog to myself.

I should probably just delete it.

:( I get on like ten times a day in hopes of having a comment.

BROKEN heart. ♥


Angi said...

Ahhh Bry...I feel that way too sometimes...I'm sorry. I will try to comment more often. I'm just lucky to get a few minutes a day on the computer...LOVE YA!

Amber said...

no dont delete it! I promise I will comment more :)

Erika said...

I know how you feel.
I read your blog every single day hoping for an update.
I LOVE your blog...Please don't delete it.

I would comment on every single post, but I don't want to get too annoying. ahah.

Anyway...I hope you are doing well. I love youuu.

Mason Family Blog :) said...

i know how you feel, i have stopped blogging as much because no one comments, lol. I don't comment much on yours because I don't want to get annoying :) But I love looking at your blog and getting updated on you life.