catch up.

This week I have been lacking. Again.

I log on to look to see that it doesn't say any new comments.
And then go on to the other internet world.

So I'm just going to join this whole week into one big post.
[We'll see if it even ends up being big]

Nursery: Not so good.
Nap: Very good.

There wasn't much going on Monday at school. I decided to attempt to make a cake again. This one turned out beautifully because Amber came over to help.
It was heart shaped and everything.
I'll get to get you the pictures at a later blog.
After we ended up going to Olive Garden and The Uninvited.
I loved it. It was soo scary.
And plus Olive Garden is delicious.
Then we went to Amber's and watched Intervention.

I slept. Too late. Then couldn't sleep at night.

I came home and napped.
School was a pain.
Then I woke up, went to Kacee's house to give her a Valentine's present
Then went shopping with my mom at Ross

After school I went shopping with Allex. We went to the mall and I spent way too much money. Then we went to Target.
Thursdays always bring?:
Special Needs Mutual :) It was a Valentine's dance.
I'm not a big fan of dances... but my partner wasn't going to be there for our buddy.
I had to go.
I tried convincing people to go with me, but no one wanted to.
I got there and it wasn't terribly bad.
I played with the four kids from my class and Amber.. my buddy.
I gave her a present for Valentine's day and she absolutely LOVED it!

Valentine's party at school!
Tori's birthday party!
It was so much fun and we just partied all day.
First period for math we made valentines certain sizes.
Second period for reading we received pen pal Valentine's letters.
Third for writing we wrote recipes for green things.
Fourth was choir.


Now its a three day weekend. And Valentine's tomorrow. We'll see what it has in store!

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