Third Cake!

So after all my practice,
I decided to make another cake.
One that had a purpose.

For the past month I've been pondering what to do for Rob for Valentine's Day.

He won't tell me what he has planned.
And if I ask again... we won't do anything.

I never realized how hard it is to get something for boys
Especially for lovey dovey holidays.

So instead of freaking out.. I made a stupid little cake.

I actually was debating between the homemade oreos.. which I planned to cut into hearts... but didn't, or the cake.

So I did both because I didn't want it to be so dumb.

I spent so much time.

As soon as I got home from work I figured out what I needed from the store.
Then I started at it.

Three hours later it was done.

Between decorating the cake and just having the frosting on,
one of Kyson's friend's little brother came and almost ruined it all.

I probably would have cried.

Next year I will definitely need some ideas of what to do...
This year it'll have to do with something so simple and dumb.

P.S. its really lopsided on the right side.


Angi said...

Adam and I never know what to do so we do nothing. I think Valentines day is kinda dumb....

Mason Family Blog :) said...

I love the cake, and homemade oreos are so flipping good! I can't believe you made that really nice cake and homemade oreos-geez, Rob is a lucky guy :).

Sydney said...

K that cake looked FANtastic! How do you do them? Just regular frosting?? or what?