coRn CutteRs

Tonight, I got to go babysit Rob's Nephew's/Jessica's boys :)! We had so much fun and did so many activities! These boys have more energy than I could ever hope for, but they definitely kept me entertained.
Caden was so excited once I got there and would run around with his tractor saying it was his corn cutter. He laughed when I would run away "scared". Kyler took a little bit of warming up, but once I got my purse out it was fine because he had my mirror, keys, and phone. :)
Both of the boys would run away and look back like "well aren't you going to chase me?" We played a lot of running back and forth. We had dinner and then played some more with the bucket.
Once Grandma Mason (Rob's Mom) got there, they were even more excited. Kyler refused to be my friend after that. They still ran around and around. Finally, we convinced Caden to put on his pajamas by bribing him with Thomas. I asked if I could have a hug goodbye while he was watching it and he said he was too busy watching the show! Finally, he gave me a hug and even gave me a kiss on my shoulder. :)
Kyler definitely was not going to give me a hug or anything close, so I got a high five instead. They were way fun and we had a super night! :)
Kyler is sooo excited! He loves my keys and my mirror. It will probably be the only way he will ever like me though :(
This is Caden with his "corn cutter"... he would chase me around saying "They corn cutter is going to get you!"
At one point during the night, we emptied the toy bucket (don't worry, we cleaned up too!) and both of the boys had fun playing in it and "flying".
Along with his "corn cutter", Caden kept playing dead.
He "killed" me here, and told me to play dead. The knife was awfully sharp and killed me instantly.
Caden "dead" again. :)
Another toy Kyler loved was my cell phone. The second he saw it, he wanted it!


Price Family said...

ha ha ha, my crazy kiddos. Lol, they had so much fun too. Caden kept talking about brylie and his corn cutter the whole next day, so funny.

Mason Family Blog :) said...

How cute!!! You're gunna be a great Mommy!