dEaR Amber: i LovE yoUr GutS

October 28th is both my mom and Amber's birthday!
She went to the Mayan and then we (Kristy, Amber, and I) planned to hang out.
So I had this fabulous idea to hide in Amber's room until she got home. We parked down the street and then Kristy walked in the house. I followed just to get her, I did not break in. We hid in her room and Misty came in first. She said that we might be in the bed since we purposefully made it look like two bodies were laying there. Instead, I peeked around and told her not to tell.
After that she sent Amber in and I grabbed her leg. She absolutely freaked out.
Just as intended.

Then me and Kristy gave her our cards. Mine is the cute sub one. Kristy's is the sticker one. She thinks hers is more from the heart since she "wrote it" herself and "made it." I personally like mine better.. AND mine was more of a message than a few lines. I took the time to pick out the perfect card and write a note. But Kristy will still insist that hers is better.

She's one rich girl now. In a matter of MAYBE 15 minutes I saw her get 60 dollars. Geez is it my birthday yet?

We didn't have Taco Bell tonight though, instead we had Wendy's. We didn't do much of anything and I felt really bad. Its a birthday! Its supposed to be fun, but we're lame and just sat around. I'll make it up to her I promise though. I will find a way to be a better friend.

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

You broke your Taco Bell tradition?? OMG!