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Ian & Owen




Ian, Owen, Millie

Saturday was quite an adventurous day! You'll get THrEE posts from me for all the action!

Around 7:40 I rolled out of bed and got ready. Remember, SATuRDaY! It was way early, but I got up anyways. I headed over to my aunt and uncle's house, Adam and Angie.

Angie had Super Saturday she was trying to juggle in and wasn't even ready. I was watching the kids while Adam wasn't home. It was a lot of fun and we played a lot! Ian was quite rambunctious, and actually has autism. He is still really cute. He kept saying things like "I'm jumping on the bed, come get me!" or "I'm going to put this in the toilet!" To get me to chase after him. Millie is adorable, but had a birthday party and so I didn't see too much of her. Matthais is old enough he goes off on his own and napped most of the time. Owen loved to listen to my stories I read and be right by my side. It was all so fun!

I miss seeing them and wish I saw the family more. But even at the family get togethers there is tons of little kids running around (maybe 25+?) and so going to their house with just their family there was good.