Nursery Play

It has been two long weeks since I've been able to play in nursery.
Conference took away my fun with them.
Today we had such a small class.
Brynn, Caroline, Noah, and Emma were the only ones there.

Caroline's little brother Mark is able to join us in December..
but his mom so kindly left him with us for an hour. He bawled the entire time and we had to keep one person always with him instead of just watching everyone play.
This annoyed me but I didn't have the guts to stand up to her and say to take him,
I would have felt bad.

Today was great though!
During Sacrament Meeting Emma always comes over and sits on my lap to color.
Her parents don't like it so much,
but I love it when she comes over..
It makes me feel loved :).

So we colored all of Sacrament Meeting and then played with toys/babysat Mark for the first hour of Nursery.

Everyone else was doing wonderful.
We then had snack time and Caroline THREW water on me.
Not the brightest moment of the day.

The older kids (Brynn, Caroline, Alex, and JT) who are all 3 try to push the limits more and usually cause more problems then the 18 month old kids.

Finally we settled down and had a lesson on being honest.
It was my week for doing the lesson and it went alright.
Brynn had to go to the bathroom 1 minute into the lesson because she drank so much water during snack time.
Noah (only 18 months) kept getting up and wanting in the toy cupboard, and Emma (2) thought it was her responsibility to make him sit down.

So I basically gave a lesson to Caroline.
After we made headbands because we learned about the 2000 Stripling Warriors.
When I told the story I didn't even mention Nephites or Lamanites..
but Emma walked around "I'm a Lamanite!"
Brynn would say "I'm a Nephite!"

Then we played the fishing game for songs and sang probably 3 songs before everyone started getting picked up.

Sister Pead is our music lady,
but for some reason didn't come in today.
It was probably better that way since it took us a while to cut out and tape the headbands to the right size for all the kids.

Its crazy to see how with the 3 year olds they are almost the same as my special needs class.
The little nursery kids definitely don't listen as well though, but I still love them all!

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

Someday you will have my nephew Braxton in nursery, he is the cutest little boy ever and you will LOVE him!!