"thE drInk wAs dRanK": taCos & ScaRy DreamS

Tonight me and Amber were both really bored. We decided to go to the Haunted Forest since everyone else we're friends with is too chicken.

First, we had to get dinner though and we went to Taco Bell. Again.
It was so delicious!

Second, we went to the Haunted Forest, where we were attacked. Being a group of two, they always go after you. My strategy was to laugh at Amber when she jumped and got scared, so they tried to scare her even more and ignore me! Walking through we probably looked like a couple with our arms linked so romantic like. But, the one time the people went after me, they somehow managed to get us separated and cornered me into a fence. They kept getting closer and closer and so I would bend farther and farther back. I wasn't scared of being cornered until I realized that they could hold me back in the position I was and probably rape me. Amber was around the corner and there would have been nothing anybody could do! Of course, I would be the only one to think about that..

After the Haunted Forest we went to the gas station to get drinks and then back to Amber's house. We played with the melty beads and made keychains,halloween characters, and a "Cheese" peace sign. Amber ruined it for me and now I can't keep it on my keys. She was a copy cat and copied my random circle and now we're keychain twins!

Basically, one of the funniest nights of my life. Anything we say always gets turned into something else and we just laugh alllll night.

Kristy was too cool to play with us tonight though, so she was left out and we don't even care.

She would have peed her pants and cried at the forest anyway.

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

The haunted forest looks freaky!!!! You are brave-lol :).