A brand new Season.

"Wake up
think fast
three weeks have passed.
We are changing.
No sleep,
no gas,
no excuses
will pass these lips
'Cause were shapin' up to be
All you wish
you could have been
To write the hits
and to turn their heads
And to open eyes
To a brand new season.
So show me something we haven't heard yet,
But I'm not convinced
your heartless songs wont stick.
But I,
I'll sing you something you wont forget
For the first time
I know this is now
who i am."

I don't know why but it seems like sleep has been a difficult thing lately.
All I end up doing is thinking.

Mostly different things each night.
My brain doesn't seem to have an off switch.
Things will be going great and I'll convince myself
somehow they aren't.

I wake up.. get a phone call.. something..
and I realize that things are really just all fine.

Its like a different demention.

Maybe I am just crazy.

Or maybe I think I'm awake.. when really I am dreaming.

Whatever it is, it definitely makes me appreciate what I have when I have it.

For one: (in no order)
My friends I have now.

I don't know what I would do without them.
In the past I have always surrounded myself with people who just have me around.
Being to shy to find someone else.
They covered up who I am.
I just hid behind them.
No one knew who I really was,
What I cared about,
What I wanted,
What I lived for.

Those friends are not in my life anymore.
I'm not saying they aren't good people.
They just didn't notice what I was doing.
The friends I have around me now let me be who I want.
They make me be myself.
They don't judge me.
We don't have drama.
We don't care about silly little things.
But we care about each other.

My family.

We definitely don't all get along all the time.
But what family does.
My family has always supported me.
No matter what.
I could blow things way out of proportion, freak out.
And the next day they could care less about it.
Instantly forgive me.
They love me unconditionally.
They're always there for me.
When I've had a problem,
they're always there to help me through it.
Even if its just listening to me tell the same story
Because, well, I'm a repeater.
I have to talk things out.
And I forget who I have said things too.
But they're still there.


Robert Mason is quite the character.
He knows quite well how to cheer me up every second of the day.
Somehow through everything..
He has always been there for me.
I know I have certainly let him down many times.
I've said the wrong thing
or done things horrible.
I wish I could take them all back.
But he hasn't left.
He has stuck by my side.
He was the best friend I could ask for.
Even more.
There isn't a moment with him I won't enjoy.
He is my safety blanket..
Keeping me safe from everything that could ever hurt me.
He shows he cares each and every day.
I wouldn't trade him for anyone else.

The Mason Family

They're so accepting of me.
They share the jokes with me
invite me in.
They really just make me feel so comfortable.
They treat me like I am family.
They're all terrific examples to me.

Jessica is quite the hero.
Taking on two kids by herself while Josh is out working.
Josh working to support a family.
Being a Marine. Going to Iraq. Scary.
Caden & Kyler are such good brothers to each other. Cute little boys.
Emily.. taking on Scott.. I mean that is quite the talent :P.
The Mason boys are quite the handful.
Scott was my friend even before I knew Robert.
He is a little strange.. but kept an eye out for me.
Also, he always had the listening ear..
To drama drama drama.
Janet .. or "Mrs. Mason" as I grew up knowing her.
Every kid at Bonneville wanted to be in her class.
Still does.
She's an excellent teacher.
Always finds the right thing to say. Always.
Stan takes care of his mother so well.
Bad days or good days,
he has always been there for her.
Its amazing to see his love for her.

[Now that I've said more about their family than mine, we'll move on]

There are so many people in my life I'm thankful for.
I don't think I could ever find the words to describe how much I appreciate them.
It might take me thinking to myself on a sleepless night:
at two in the morning
to attempt to put it to words.

But they're always in my thoughts.
Now they'll be in a few words.
Maybe eventually there'll be more words..
But for now it will have to do.

Thank you.


Mason Family Blog :) said...

Awww, that is so freaking sweet Brylie! You are the nicest ever! And I have not been avoiding you lol, I guess I have just had random things going on. Thanks so much for the Christmas presents-that was really really nice and generous of you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little plates and they are already hanging in my kitchen, and the movie is awesome (even though Scott already claimed it lol). Sorry it took so long to get your present to you-and sorry we took off on New Years without saying goodbye-we just had some stuff going on.
So, when do you want to have our Nintendo Wii party?

Price Family said...

I almost cried lol