around 6.
My eyes were to blurry to see.

Rikkell had been up for an hour and they gave up on trying to get her back to sleep.

We got up and did the special walking down the stairs and taking pictures of everyones excited faces.
Mine was mostly asleep and I avoided the pictures.

I got a kitchen starter kit for when I move out.. which will be WAY nice.
A "closet organizer" which turned out to be a box of dishes.. to everyones surprise.
A lot of cute clothes.
A digital picture frame.
A new amazingly soft blanket.

Everyone kept saying "I'm sorry you didn't get anything else"
I was too tired to be excited at the time.
I was very happy with my Christmas though.

I then took a long nap. Until one in the afternoon.

I showered, got ready, and completely organized my room.

I'm a neat freak and I just couldn't take the "mess" anymore.

At four we went to my mom's side of the family and were there til eightish.
It was so fun to see the little kids and how excited they were.

I came home and organized some more, then went over to the Mason's to play games. At 12:30.
Jessica, Scott, Rob & I played until Kyler started crying and then we lost Jessica.

She made me open my present and was so excited. She acted like a little kid I swear, but it was fun.
She got me a way cute make up back with my name sewn on it, earings, and a plate holder with Christmas plates that can be switched out. I'll be sure to get the Christmas ones back out next year though :).

Playing Boggle Scott kept saying he wasn't finding anything.. and then of course he would get like 35 points. I would get like 5. It was ridiculous.

It was a lot of fun, and I got home around 3. Woops.
But I'm glad I went :)

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

You night owl you! You fit in perfectly with the Mason's :)