tragic event.

So I was driving home from a wonderful night & wonderful party.
Then some jerk cut me off... while i'm going almost sixty.

I had to slam on my breaks and my phone flew out of my lap.
No big deal.
I lived.

My phone didn't so much.

See my phone (blackberry pearl) has a trackball.
Its amazing.
The trackball and the ring that holds it in both came out..
I found the trackball just fine though.
The ring that holds it in is missing.
I don't know how that is possible.

I've checked my car a million times.
Its NOT there.
Its NOT even in the snow around my car.

It makes absolutely no sense.Point of the ranting:
If you have a blackberry..
or know someone who does
AND they/you have an extra ring to hold in the trackball..
it would be very much appreciated.
I would even pay five whole dollars for the cheap piece of plastic.

Without it I am going to have to pay lots more money because I'll lose my trackball too.


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